Slavic Mythology

A comprehensive, unique, and insightful overview of Slavic mythology. As an encyclopedia-type book, Slavic Mythology is particularly valuable as an unprecedented, unique source that reviews, systematizes, and combines previous knowledge on this topic; it is written and presented in an accessible and absorbing way that all readers are sure to enjoy.



Gods • Demonology • Mythic places • Magical rituals…
This illustrated overview of Slavic mythology reveals:

  • The mystery of Slavic letters and the mythic message of the Glagolitic alphabet
  • Who are the Slavic gods and their pantheon reconstructed
  • The meaning of customs that are still practiced today
  • Ancient traditions of magic and protection from it
  • Mythical beings and mystical places unknown to many

Written in an accessible style, comprehensive yet understandable for all ages.
Discover the invisible forces that influence the Slavic world to this day.


Ancient Slavs

Origin • Slavic Languages • Religion • Customs


Slavic Pantheon • Idols • Temples and Shrines

Mystic Places

Bridges • Crossroads • Pits • Mythical Toponyms


Clairvoyance • Stone • Oak • Water • Primal Language

Mythic Beings

Ala • Vampire • Vile • Rusalke • Wolf • Snake • Dragon

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eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

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Slavic mythology, with plenty of illustrations, introduces the readers into the world of pagan Slavs before they became Serbs, Czechs, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians...

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Publishing venture and achievement.

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There have been attempts to systematize Slavic mythology before, but this is by far the most extensive work of this type.

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