The Net is On

The site will go live today, although much of the content is still missing. It will be added over time, in the monts leading up to the book’s release. An interesting question, though: why precisely the “.net” domain out of the few we had at our disposal? And the answer lies in…

A Quote from Slavic Mythology

  • According to Greek records, the ancient Slavs were skillful shipbuilders and skilled sailors, always in contact with the water – proof of this can be found in the fact that the word denoting a net, the tool they used for fishing, is common to all Slavs, almost the same in most Slavic languages to this day.

There you have it! A tiny and simple symbolic gesture with which we, as the author and publisher, try to preserve the tradition down to the smallest details, whenever possible and despite the modernization of the content for net.

Some other guidelines we follow:


Selected info

There is a lot of information in the book and even on this website, but you will never be overwhelmed. However, you might be surprised and amazed quite a few times.

Verifiable facts

Despite trying to dazzle you with many little-known facts and bits of evidence, these are completely verifiable still. No sensationalism was allowed in this book.

Popsci Approach

Not entirely scientific, as there is no literature to occupy the valuable space at the end, but not purely popular either, with many fluent quotes in the text. This is exactly what popular science, also called pop-science or popsci, does. The debunking of many false but accepted facts can be done in a way that does not create new myths – you will read both sides of the story in this book. No hidden agenda here.